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Florida Homeschool Evaluator: Evaluations Without the Stress

Are you a homeschooling parent in Florida? Do you find the evaluation process stressful and overwhelming? Look no further, because Florida Homeschool Evaluator, Cynthia K. Perkins is here to provide stress-free evaluations for your child. If you are new to homeschooling, I am here to guide you through the role of a homeschool evaluator and explain the evaluation process in detail. I will also highlight the importance of stress-free evaluations in homeschooling and how the right evaluator can make a significant difference. Finally, I will discuss the qualifications of a good evaluator.

Email and Phone Consultation

My evaluations are done through email and a brief phone consultation with the parent and child. In-person evaluations in Pinellas County can be requested, but require and extra $20 fee.

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Annual Evaluation: How I Provide a Stress-Free Evaluation

As your Florida homeschool evaluator, my stress-free evaluation process is to have you fill out a form, then (A) submit an unofficial transcript if you are homeschooling through an online program or (B) submit 2 samples from 2 different subjects by email, (preferably 2 writing samples and 2 math samples) per child, and to set up a date/time for a very brief discussion with the homeschooler about how they feel about school and if they have a favorite subject.

I charge $35 for the first child and $25 for each additional child. I accept payment through PayPal or Zelle. I also accept checks or money orders.

As of 2023, I have 10 years of teaching experience in the classroom and more than 7 years of tutoring and completing homeschool evaluations in the state of Florida.

Additionally, I have 17 year's experience as an author of English and math teaching resources.

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What is the Role of a Florida Homeschool Evaluator?

A homeschool evaluator plays a crucial role in the homeschooling journey. They should provide stress-free evaluations, ensuring compliance with state regulations. Evaluators answer questions, offering valuable information to homeschooling parents. When looking for an evaluator in Florida, it's important to find someone qualified and reliable. I support a successful homeschooling experience by providing a friendly stress-free evaluation for your child.

The Process

The process of homeschool evaluation involves reviewing samples of the student's work and conducting interviews with both the student and parent to assess the student's academic progress. The role of a homeschool evaluator is to provide an unbiased assessment of the student's educational progress and offer guidance and support to the homeschooling family. Evaluations can be conducted by phone or Zoom along with email providing convenience for families who are not in close proximity to an evaluator.

The Importance of Stress-Free Evaluations

My stress-free evaluations promote a positive homeschooling experience for both parents and students. When beginning homeschooling, an evaluation can seem overwhelming and stressful. However, I offer a relaxed and supportive environment for evaluations. so parents can focus on their child's educational progress.

The Right Florida Homeschool Evaluator

Choosing the right Florida homeschool evaluator is crucial as it can make a significant difference in the homeschooling experience. The evaluator should have expertise in homeschooling and be able to provide guidance and support throughout the evaluation process. A stress-free evaluation focuses on the child's progress and achievements, not whether the child meets specific benchmarks. By selecting a qualified and understanding evaluator, parents can feel confident in their homeschooling choices and ensure their child's success.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

When choosing a Florida homeschool evaluator, there are certain red flags to watch out for. First, ensure that the evaluator is knowledgeable about the state's homeschooling regulations and requirements. Additionally, avoid evaluators who charge significantly higher fees without providing additional services or benefits.

Timely and Efficient Service

Timely and efficient service is crucial in the homeschool evaluation process. Meeting state requirements and deadlines is easier when evaluations are prompt. I provide same day service for the educational evaluation. Remember, it is the certified teacher's responsibility to complete the review of the portfolio, but it is responsibility of the homeschool parent to send a copy of the evaluation to the district school superintendent's office.


Making the Most of Your Homeschooling Evaluation Experience

In Florida, it is important to find a qualified homeschool evaluator, a certified teacher, who can guide you through the process. During the evaluation, communicate openly with the evaluator and address any questions or concerns. Keep records of the evaluation results for future reference.

Maintain a Portfolio for Your Child

Throughout the year, you must keep a portfolio of records and materials for the student's demonstration of educational progress. This portfolio should include a log of your activities, listing the titles of any reading materials you used, as well as samples of work.

Remember to keep this portfolio for two years after it is completed. If the district school superintendent or agent asks to review your portfolio, they must give you 15 days' written notice beforehand.

How Can a Homeschool Evaluator Contribute to Your Child's Learning Journey?

A homeschool evaluator plays a crucial role in your child's learning journey. They ensure state requirements are met, and answer any questions you may have.. Their expertise contributes to informed decisions about your child's education.

Evaluation Options: Accommodating Each Child's Unique Abilities

Option 1 - Portfolio Review - The most common option is for the evaluation to be conducted by a teacher who holds a valid regular Florida teaching certificate (that's me!) and is selected by the parent.

My stress-free evaluation process is to have you fill out a form, then (A) submit an unofficial transcript if you are homeschooling through an online program or (B) submit 2 samples from 2 different subjects by email, (preferably 2 writing samples and 2 math samples) per child, and to set up a date/time for a very brief consultation with the student about how they feel about school and if they have a favorite subject. Let me know if your child has special needs so I can accommodate them. I then provide the evaluation letter through email.

Option 2 is for students to take a nationally normed student achievement test, which is administered by a certified teacher (I am sorry, but I do not provide testing).

Option 3 - students can opt to take a state student assessment test that is used by the school district. This test is also administered by a certified teacher, and the location and testing conditions are approved by the public school district.

Option 4 - students have the choice to be evaluated by a licensed psychotherapist in Florida.


In conclusion, a stress-free homeschool evaluation is crucial for both parents and students. It ensures that the evaluation process is smooth and efficient, allowing parents to focus on their child's education without unnecessary stress or anxiety. Choosing the right homeschool evaluator is essential to ensure a positive experience.

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